The Noise of Silence

Even the plants seem to lose their colour…

Being home alone isn’t a bad thing. It’s even something I like, every once in a while. It is only ever in the evenings, when sleepiness sets in, that the silence in the house becomes deafening. Though my house is never loud on a regular basis, the absence of day to day sounds creates a hollow feeling. Even with music playing through the big speakers, the air conditioner running, the fridge resetting, and the clock ticking, the house just feels strange and silent.

The Noise of Silence

I enter to
the same as always,
yet not.
The emptiness is deafening,
bouncing off the walls
in echoing waves.

The lights don’t shine
as brightly,
the air conditioner hums
just a little louder,
and inactivity latches
on to my skin
like a leech.

The clock on my mantle
counts down the seconds
till tomorrow,
when sound and life
will re-enter the house.
But tomorrow still awaits
the rising sun,
and the clock still ticks
away today.

In the dead of the night,
the floors creak their symphonies,
with accents of groaning doors
and howling winds,
for their audience
of darkness
and me.