Golden, British Columbia- Didn't actually get onto this plane!

Golden, British Columbia- Didn’t actually get onto this plane!

Traveling is always something I’ve loved. Whether we were moving homes or simply visiting, my family began traveling with me from the time I was 3 months old. For many years though, while I adored everything about being some place new, I hated the physical traveling, that is to say, I hated flying. Plagued with a motion sickness that made even the most exciting of trips begin with a rocky start, I hated everything about being on a plane, from uncomfortable temperature- always too hot or too cold- to the ear popping moment as the descent began, I hated it. As I get older though, and face the prospect of being on plane at least 4-5 times a year, going back and forth between college in Boston and home in Toronto, I find myself, dare I say it? enjoying the flights. Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re much shorter than the one’s I was previously used to, and I still do hate the odd temperatures and the way my ear pops at the end, but for some reason, as the plane takes off and lands, those few dizzying minutes where I see the world disappear and appear, going through shades of the sky I can normally only gaze at through my bedroom window, I feel peaceful. Of course, the world soon disappears, that irritating motion sickness finds its way back from wherever it had gotten lost, and everything in the middle of taking off and landing becomes a blur of trying to mitigate the churning in my stomach. Still, there is something about those few moments of watching a city reduced to nothing but little specks of colour that puts me at ease, if only for a short while.


The world rushes by,
and suddenly I’m flying.
I’m in the air, moving
constantly yet utterly still.
An invisible hand pushes me back,
ever so gently, and I
watch as the world
soon disappears from my line
of sight.
Blues skies turn darker,
through a shroud of grey,
then finally there is a canopy of black.
The pressure eases, and shining
like stars,  specks
of yellow and white twinkle
beneath me,
lighting the paths
of towns and cities.
They soon fall away
and the surrounding blackness
ensnares me.

Up here in the air, nothing
exists. Boundaries
and borders fall away
until all that remains
is space. Empty. Free.


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