New Waters

Boston Harbor Front

Boston Harbor Front

Just over a week ago, I moved to Boston to start my freshman year at Emerson College. It was easy falling in love with this city, with the beautiful architecture surrounding me and the Boston Common and Public Gardens quite literally at my doorstep. Every now and then, I am struck by how different it is, being in a new city without knowing anyone. At the same time, as I sat by the Harbor Front, I realized how similar so many things are to what they were back home. Everything is new, but in a comfortably familiar way. Currently, at the very top of my ever growing list of things I love about Boston is my proximity to both the Boston Harbor as well as the Charles River.

New Waters

There is a kind of peace here,
even amidst the ferries that depart,
taking with them the boisterous passengers
on board to some unknown location.
It’s in the gentle breeze that plays
with my hair,
and in the hypnotizing
rippling of the water, sometimes blue,
but gray today.

There’s a stability in the boats
that sway atop the water,
constantly moving yet utterly still.

All thought, all emotion
seems nonexistent.

There is a familiarity
in the pigeon that sits
atop the wooden pole,
unfazed by anything
and anyone
around it.

These are new waters,
different from what I’m used to,
yet so similar all the same.


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