Photo Cred: Levent Erutku (Levent Erutku Photography)

Photo Cred: Levent Erutku (Levent Erutku Photography)

It’s a long weekend this weekend, as today was the last Monday before May 25, the day of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Yes, Victoria Day long weekend, a time of family get-togethers, picnics, and most of all, fireworks. From Friday onwards  every night becomes a light show for the residents. On the Monday night though, which is really night-before-school-starts, the sporadic bursts of sound and light can be somewhat irritating for some, especially as it gets later into the night. While I’m hardly an early sleeper (and personally love fireworks),  reading various Facebook posts first cursing the fireworks and then expressing relief when it stopped was quite amusing. Tonight was their lucky night though as even nature seemed to be on their side.


Popcorn exploding
into kernels of colour.
Some rocket upwards,
popping high above the cookie
cutter roofs,
while others just fizzle
out onto the grass.
Burst of red, green, blue,
appear in the sky
as I watch them from my window,
stories higher than some of them
could ever even
dream of reaching,
counting the minutes
until they stop.

The skies,
not to be intimidated,
call forth their own
light show,
thundering footsteps,
and just enough watery bullets
to scare away all the others,
bringing peace
to slumbering inhabitants
once more.


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