Day 25: Futile Endeavor

The prompt for day 25 was to write a ballad of any kind (sad, funny, silly, etc). A ballad is a narrative in verse form that is set to music. Though the ballad has evolved over time, the general composition of a ballad is made of “ballad stanzas” which are 4-line stanzas of alternating lines of iambic (an unstressed followed by a stressed syllable)tetrameter (eight syllables) and iambic trimeter (six syllables). There is also a rhyme scheme- while this can also differ, the most common one is ABCB.

Futile Endeavor

As stealthy as the waves that creep-
so passive in display-
towards the unsuspecting shore,
it leaped, devoured its prey.

Where calm waves once had lingered,
unrest had made its home,
the nights and days passed slowly by,
and ire began to roam.

The sands, incensed, fought for her life-
like branches in the sea.
She argued, screamed, unleashed her rage
still nothing came to be.

This irritating flu, always
appearing whenever-
attempt to overcome it- just
a futile endeavor.


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