Day 24: A Self-Portrait

The prompt for day 24 was to write a self-portrait using the words generated from your name (with the help of an anagram generator . This was insanely hard, both because I had some strange words come up in my name, as well as the fact that I’ve never been good at writing (or talking) about myself. The only way I could think of going about this was to follow a format similar to that of a self-portrait essay, and then manipulate it into a poem. I only managed to use a few words here and there, but its the thought that counts, I guess.

A Self-Portrait

Born in the city where the ashes
of loved ones past seek

Not letting dust
sit in any one place,
new homes in new places
became as easy to slip into
as the purple sweater that hangs
behind my door.

Though seemingly staid
and hushed, 
they are mere acts-
hiding true natures 
in subconscious fear
of exclusion. 


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