Day 18: Looking for Sunlight

Children in a brick factory in Nepal

Children in a brick factory in Nepal

The prompt for day 18 was to “write a poem that begins and ends with the same word”. Human trafficking and child labor are topics that I have taken a great interest in the past 4-5 years, doing lots of research and literally whichever school project I could. There is no sole cause for issues such as these, but ignorance is always one of the reason that delays the solution. These really are things that people should be aware of, even if you think it doesn’t affect you directly, because in the end, we are all human, and no one deserves to be treated, or mistreated, in the way those children (and sometimes adults, in the case of trafficking) are. Volunteer, donate, or, at the very least, be thankful for the life you have. Some great foundations to begin with are Free the Children, UNICEF, and Save the Children

Photo Cred: Nicolette Valdisteno for The Umbrella Foundation (another great one) which is a charity that rescues orphaned, trafficked, and vulnerable children in Nepal.

Looking for Sunlight

Sun shining down
on the childrens’ backs,
each bared to the sky,
as if to taunt the Gods
with the scars that marred
them, welts of red
up and down;
the remnant of another’s
crimes. Even in this light
are they surrounded
by darkness.

Strangers to each other,
yet friends all the same,
sharing a pain
no one else would understand.
caused by cruel minds
and ignorant glances,
which such young souls
can only hope
to survive.

Eyes, though broken,
haunted by images
too harsh for thier minds,
still look for the light
that may come in the day
that dawns with
the rising sun.


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