Day 13: City Lights

Colorful lights on the water at night. Photo Cred: Richard Seah

Colorful lights on the water at night.
Photo Cred: Richard Seah

The prompt for day 13 was to “take a walk. Make notes — mental or otherwise — on what you see on your walk, and incorporate these notes into your poem”. Given the incredibly grey and rainy weather outside today, my walk didn’t happen; however, my poems (or, poems, really) are based on going around for a walk and drive, and all incorporate things I’ve noticed, so it basically fits the prompt. Do let me know which one of the (mini) poems you like best.

City Lights


The water is still,
no current mars the surface.
Atop these waters,
a palette of vivid colors
dances, shimmers,
Blending and bleeding
into each other,
painting the city
line that looks down at it.
Under the cover of darkness,
the city comes to life
on these waters,
and contentment knows
no boundaries.


Like spotlights,
they shine down
onto the grey cement
showcasing each crack
and blemish,
as if one would
a ballerina on stage,


Never off, always on-
a constant reminder.
Enticing images
of convincing lies,
coaxing drivers towards them.
So colourful,
so meaningful,
but ultimately a fake-
promises too far-fetched
to carry out.
Yet even with this knowledge,
they are left
to hang
from invisible ropes
for all to see
and believe.


Like a blanket
billowing in the wind,
the darkness spreads
across like a wave,
creeping slowly across
the city.
Still the rain
falls down in torrents,
washing the tallest building
and the smallest pebble
of dust and sins.


8 thoughts on “Day 13: City Lights

  1. i like signs. it has meaning i can imagine driving and reading and obeying all these signs that the city throws at us.But devilish thinking shall i make a right turn even tho the sign says not to!

    • that’s an interesting perspective on it- I was thinking of billboards when I wrote it, especially when entering the city, which are always so colorful… never even thought of regular kind of signs, which kind of makes sense too!

  2. I love the imagery in these poems, but my favorite is “Water”. Water can be many things, but here it is a voiceless conduit through which the chaos and colors of life are illuminated.

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