Day 11: The Crime

The prompt for day 11 was to write a tanka, which, like a cinquain, has five lines, and follows the syllabic pattern of 5-7-5-7-7, where the last two lines present something shocking or a ‘twist’ in the poem. Since I like cinquains so much this poem is a combination of both forms: the first and last are cinquains while the middle two are tankas.

The Crime

Shards of
broken glass lay
scattered without purpose;
only witness to the untold

The statements given,
the evidence presented,
the court brimming with
tension. Torturous ticking,
then the verdict: not guilty.

The room, once silent,
now teeming with hushed murmurs,
leaped to its numb feet,
confusion flooding the room,
hiding a smirk of triumph.

yet named guiltless,
let off with a warning,
free to leave and commit the crime


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