Day 10: I Don’t Un-love You

It’s amazing that the month is flying by so fast- we’re nearly half way there! The prompt for day 10 was to to write an “un-love” poem which is “a poem of sarcastic-dislike”. Since I had so much fun writing The Nightmares with all the formatting, I decided to do something different for this one too, just for fun. Granted, though, this one took much longer than the other one- I finished just on time.

I Don't Unlove You,
I am not angry at you.
Just as
don't let
go, and birds don't fly
south, I                       am not
angry                       with you.
I  have  full  faith  left  in  you.
I'm sure                      you will
not fail                         me just
as the                      rain won’t
down   hard
in London nor snow
mid April in Toronto,
I have                      full faith
left                                      in you.
I am not bitter, no sir, do
not think of such things.
Just as
sugar is
not sweet,
and lemons
                                   aren’t at all sour, I
                                   am not
                                   bitter. I have already
                                   forgiven you, friend,
                                   have no
                                   fear. Just as the city
exempts                   those
that                enter
its territory
and fish
don’t mind
being caught,
  I have already
forgiven you. I don’t
unlove you, of course not,
just as Harry and Tom were
best friends and Poseidon
never cursed
    Odysseus       to wander
      at sea for       ten years, 
    I don't                unlove
    you. Not even a little bit. 
    No, actually, I hate you.

Note: Harry and Tom refer to Harry Potter and Tom Riddle (Voldemort) from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, while Posedion is the Greek god of the sea and the Odysseus a legendary Greek king of Ithaca (though I’m referring to an event from Homer’s the Odyssey


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