The Nightmares

This is for the Daily Post: Weekly Writing Challenge, which was to write a poem, about anything, and play around with the formatting. I definitely had fun with this one even though it took a bit of time to get everything just right since I’ve never worked with html before. However, it ended up (more or less) looking the way it does in my notebook so I’m happy. The way to read this would be to think of it as two columns- you start with the left column and read all the way down so it would read “Fear, the child of darkness…… yet never seen, lingers in the air” and so on, and then go on to the second column that would start “Food it needs not…”

NOTE: Since I have been getting a few questions about it, the way to read this would be to read through the ‘columns’ as I explained above, and then to read only the outer words, still following the logic of the columns. Hope that clears it up!

The Nightmares
     the child of darkness
     and knowledge,                                                                                       Food
     always present,                                                            it needs not,
     yet never seen,                                                       surviving solely
                                                                                      on the images
                                                                                         in our minds
     in the air,                                                                                                   for
     silent.                                                               sustenance, feasting
     The strength to destroy                        on the emotions that garnish
     even the highest                                                     the recollections,
     of powers                                                serving us, with eagerness 
                                                                                   and splendor, our
     moments,                                                                                      nightmares.
     in darkness and light,
     it draws its helpers
     in our worst

67 thoughts on “The Nightmares

  1. Such true words. It is so unfair how Fear plays. It latches on to memory in the dark, often afraid to show his face by light of day. We recognise him in the light. We don’t let his shadows be bigger than he is. But night he creeps in on stealthy feet.

    • Thank you!
      I do agree that good writing trumps all- the format was really only for the “secondary poem”, I guess you could call it, which was: “Fear lingers within memories. Food for nightmares”.

    • Thank you! I’ve always thought that differently formatted poems are fascinating and I’m glad that this one worked out the way I hoped it would!
      Also- double thanks for the congrats… I may not have realized I got FP until a few days later if you hadn’t pointed it out 🙂

    • Thanks! This is actually something I drew about 4 years ago while I was doing many child abuse and human trafficking projects for class. That was basically my inspiration for this drawing and I tried to capture the essence of child who has been abused. I thought it fit with this poem for two reasons- nightmares are often associated with children, and the girl in my drawing would have plenty of reasons for a nightmares. A bit sad, really.

  2. Very innovative that deserves truly “Freshly Pressed” tag. The theme of Child Abuse was projected with true images of darkness, fear and food that compelled child to commit unwanted actions.

  3. A very interesting poem. I have nightmares all the time and this is really what it’s like, that fear in the darkness. Mine certainly feed off of the garbage in my head, images I pull from television shows and movies. Monsters aren’t real, but my mind sure likes to make me think they are. Thanks for sharing!

  4. remarkable..makes me wonder how did you broach this with so much of intensity. sheer brilliance plus the layout and the reading adds another dimension completely.
    congratulations on being freshly pressed. well done.

  5. I really enjoyed this. Format really adds to the feeling that your thoughts ran onto the page in an disorganised chaos of fear. Fantastic. Id appreciate any feedback should anyone have a moment.

    • That can be true, that your own past actions can haunt you. And definitely, as I’m trying to say in my poem, the source is from our past, our memories. But you can also have nightmares of things that have been done to you, as in the case with abuse.

  6. hey,dis is something nice n uniqe nin it’s own way….
    well, three cheers for ur creativity and wonderful writing
    and ha if u can hv some free space do stop by my page enjoy reading poems of a budding

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