Day 7: Anger

The prompt for day 7 was to “write a poem in which each line except the last takes the form of a single, declarative sentence… the final line should take the form of a question.” This was fun to write because I don’t normally write in this style, and I also played around with the concept of an Imagist poem (which is basically like having the entire poem be a metaphor for something else), but I hope it was still effective.


Our feet are motionless.
No sound escapes us.
We merely stand here, watching you.
Still, you thunder over us.
There is no worry or care for us down here.

A shower of insults pours down on us.
Your frigid air makes us shiver.
Still, we remain standing.
There is no reason for this onslaught.
You were happy and calm just a minute ago.
No frown marred your face.
Suddenly, there is lightning in your eyes.

What did we do to deserve this anger?


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