Day 3: We’re Sailing’ Off Today

The prompt for day 3 was to “write a sea shanty“. If I thought the last one was hard, this one had me cringing with trepidation. I had challenged myself to complete every prompt for the entire 30 days in, and already, on the third, I felt like just writing something else. In the end, after a lot of procrastinating, I finally came up with this. This would be for a Hand-Over-Hand shanty, which is for lighter loads and has tugging action on each beat. To make the beat of this more clear, I’ve underlined the word (or part of the word) where each beat would fall since the beats sometimes fall on the second word of the line.

ex. We’re sailin’ off today.

(If I was on the ship, I would probably have been thrown off deck for this!)

We’re Sailin’ Off Today   

Look at all those landlubbers,
We’re sailin’ off today.
See how they wave their fingers,
Off we go on the Dawn Treader.

See all these new‘uns’ sea legs,
We’re sailin’ off today.
We’re gonna take ’em down some pegs,
Off we go on the Dawn Treader.

Bring around the scuttle-butt
We’re sailin’ off today.
Get me some a that geedunk out,
Off we go on the Dawn Treader.

Note 1: The Sailor Lingo

“Landubber”- a land lover
“Scuttle-butt”- the supply of fresh drinking water for the crew
“Geedunk”- junk food

Note 2: The Dawn Treader

Yes it is indeed the name of the wonderful Narnian ship brought to life by C.S. Lewis in his Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and therefore I take no credit for it whatsoever.


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