Day 2: Hush

The prompt for day 2 was to write “a poem that tells a lie”. I had some trouble coming up with this one, and it turned out sadder than I had planned it to be, but I’m still fairly happy with what I ended up with.


“Hush, child,
it’ll be alright”.
Her voice was soft
and tinged with uncertainty,
her trembling hands
clasped tightly atop her lap.
But I was still young
and words were easy weapons
to penetrate the weak
defenses of my mind,
so hope was real.

“Hush, child,
I’ll stay right here”
(with you
until the end).
Her voice was feeble
and laced with fear,
her quivering body
held tautly over mine,
sheltering me from invisible
But I wasn’t so young
and her words became just words,
so hope was artificial.

“Hush, child,
I lov-”
Her voice was cut off,
harsh and unexpected,
her wide eyes
now blind to the world.
But I was older now,
and though it was finally the truth
all hope was gone.


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