Day 1: April Whispers

The prompt for day 1 was to “write a poem that has the same first line as another poem”. The line that I chose is from the poem “Bird” by Pablo Neruda (go here to read the full thing), which is a beautiful poem with some amazing images.  My poem, though I wish was true, is not, and unfortunately, we here in Toronto are still suffering the after effects of winter, with sporadic snowfalls every now and then.

April Whispers

It was passed from one bird to another,
like rumours flying amongst
children who’ve spotted
the new kid at school,
rapid, hushed whispers
carrying across the room
without meaning too.

Such was the excitement
that raged between the trees,
making baby leaves flutter
and branches quiver
as little legs
pushed off delicate perches,
leaping towards each other
to share the secret.

The last of the snow
that plagued the grass
was gone,
the occasional flurry
was nothing to fear;
Spring was finally here.


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